Jun 29, 2010

Family Doctor and You

Recently I was filling the bio-data of my school going kid; the form had columns for filling the details of the family doctor. As you know, it is a good idea to have a family doctor, instead of visiting different doctors at different times. Since the doctor knows you closely, he can give better diagnosis. He is in your locality, you have better trust in him, procedures are simple and sometimes you take liberty to consult him over phone.

Occasionally you may have to go to speciality hospitals. Once I had to spend some time in Apollo Hospitals to attend a family member. Occasionally there I bumped into doctors who also ran clinics in my locality; these doctors spent part of their time as consultant-doctors with Apollo.

I liked the Apollo model very much; doctors running their own clinics could also work as consultants on their specialities in Apollo. The benefits for the doctors are many – they have a set of clients in their locality and are well respected. Their association to speciality hospitals adds to their reputation. They are able to network and collaborate with their peer experts and keep their knowledge up to date.

This model of working is beneficial to the clients too. Apollo doesn’t have to have all the specialist doctors on its rolls, thus keeping the cost/billing low. Once I got help from my family doctor, who was also a consultant there, to choose the best doctor in Apollo for a special treatment for my relative. Diagnosis and treatment of complex problems require expertise from multiple experts and in such cases a panel of doctors join together.

When we started C-Star Consortium in 2009, we modelled it like Apollo – many consultants having their own practices, joined together to form a consortium to offer several speciality business services. C-Star can address business problems related to revenue growth, profitability, employee retention, customer retention, product quality, information security, and accounting. In C-Star, you will find several consultants who spent decades enabling business transformation using methodologies & tools such as CMMI, People CMM, ERP, process-automation-tools, Six Sigma, Knowledge Management and Balanced Scorecard. You will also find great trainers and experts who can help you to achieve business critical, prestigious certifications.

In C-Star, we have several practitioner-turned consultants with diverse backgrounds and rich experience from reputed organizations (such as TCS, Wipro, CTS, CSC, Infosys, IBM, Oracle, KPMG). They can diagnose your business problems, put in place right solutions and help you through the implementation – and the pricing is made sweet for the Indian SMBs, through our innovative approaches in solution delivery and low overhead of operations.

More than ever, people want to do business with people, not with complex organizations. Trust and integrity are valued more than anything. The beauty of C-Star is that it is  simple, small, flexible, responsive, and offers greater customer intimacy, yet it has the strength and reliability coming from the power-network.

C-Star is more than a collaborative consulting services organization – it is a community of experts and CXOs. As a business owner or a CXO, a membership will benefit you to get access to the experts – includes some free services too.

Whatever may be your pain-point now, you can approach a C-Star consultant and be assured that you will get holistic solutions. You can tap into an expertise of 500+ person-years of experience.

So if you choose to have a family doctor for your kids, why not have a consultant from C-Star for your business? This consultant will be your local expert/mastermind and can act as a channel to the large pool of expertise that you can access whenever you want.