Jan 19, 2010

Federal IT Dashboard - Changing the Way the Govt. Works

The Federal IT Dashboard created a sensation when it got 20 million hits in the first two weeks of its release. “Dashboards can bring transparency and accountability“. saya Vivek Kundra , Chief Information Officer (CIO) of Obama Administration.

In a recent post ‘Changing the way Washington works ’, Vivek says “From San Francisco to the United Kingdom, there is a global movement to share public sector data to unleash the creativity of citizens, drive transparency and ensure accountability. Data transparency can spur economic, scientific, and educational innovation by making it easier to build applications, conduct analysis, and perform research.”

Last month, I was talking to the Chief of Staff of a US County, when he visited Chennai. He met members of the C-Star Consortium and a few others and was exploring opportunities for collaboration. He mentioned that there is a public pressure being built to have dashboards for more Government services in US. People want more transparency and want to know how their tax dollars are spent in ensuring an efficient administration.

As more Governments plan to transform their administration, here lies an opportunity for the IT industry to participate in it. With each County having a budget running into billions of dollars, this could be just a tip of an iceberg. With a surge in demand from companies and government organizations for dashboards, this could even dwarf the Y2K opportunity that came by about a decade back to the IT industry.

Being a pioneer in building sophisticated business dashboards (details), CXO Dashboards would certainly leverage some of these opportunities, especially the ones that demand significant innovation in architecting dashboards. I intend to share with you the insights from these projects, as the future unfolds.

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